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Reliable Efflorescence Removal in Greater Milwaukee

Homeowners in Milwaukee, WI count on the experts at Everdry Waterproofing for all of their efflorescence removal needs. Since 1989, we have been the area’s premier waterproofing experts. Our knowledgeable and friendly team has the right tools and technology to help remove efflorescence from your home’s basement or crawlspace. Our team will work alongside you throughout the entire process to ensure you understand each step we take for removal. Everdry Waterproofing has served over 100,000 customers with exceptional service and care. However, you’re more than just a number to us. We provide every customer with one-on-one, dedicated assistance, so you can feel confident you’ll get the service you want and deserve. When it comes to basement and crawlspace waterproofing and efflorescence removal, choose Everdry. Please speak to our technicians today to get a free inspection.


What Is Efflorescence?

Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit found on surfaces of masonry, stucco, or concrete. It is whitish in appearance and is sometimes referred to as “whiskers.” These crystals are formed when water carries salt and other minerals through the walls of your home and deposits them to the surface. Salt-bearing water reaching the surface of a structure and is evaporated, leaving behind a salt deposit. The denser the material, whether it be brick, stone, stucco, or concrete, the more difficult for the water to transport salts to the surface. Conversely, the more porous the material, the greater the ease with which salts are transported and deposited. When humidity is low, the water may evaporate before reaching the surface of the structure, leaving the salt deposit beneath the surface and unseen. When the humidity is high, water evaporation is slower, allowing more opportunity for whisker growth.

The two key components of efflorescence are the presence of water and salt or other minerals in your home’s basement or crawl space. As water flows through the pores of your basement wall material, some water may reach the surface and dry up before you notice. What is left behind is the formation of salt crystals. Luckily, efflorescence is extremely easy to identify and shows up as a white powder on the surface of your walls. You can trust our team to quickly and effectively remove efflorescence from your basement or crawlspace as well as work with you to prevent it from returning with comprehensive basement waterproofing solutions.

Efflorescence not only detracts from the look of your home, but it can also compromise its structural integrity. When humidity is low, the water may evaporate before reaching the structure’s surface, leaving salt deposits beneath. This can cause the material to crack and crumble, creating broader structural issues for your home’s foundation through years of neglect. Not only that, efflorescence is a warning sign of water in your basement, which can lead to mold and accelerate structural degradation in your home’s foundation. You can count on the team at Everdry Waterproofing to not only remove efflorescence from your home’s basement but also deal with the underlying cause – water and moisture with our effective waterproofing service. Contact our team today to schedule your free consultation. We have the tools and knowledge to handle all of your efflorescence removal needs.

Everdry Waterproofing offers complete efflorescence removal services. However, as a homeowner, there are a number of ways in which you can prevent crystal formations in your basement or crawlspace’s walls. By managing moisture levels in your basement, you can reduce the risk of water and structural damage to your home.

  • Humidifier – Efflorescence is when water carries salt and other minerals to the wall’s surface. A dehumidifier will reduce the amount of moisture in your basement.
  • Sealers – Applying a sealer on the surface of your basement walls will prevent crystal formation. However, sealers won’t usually penetrate deep enough to fill the pores below the surface. So there may still be water present within your basement wall.
  • Ventilation – Keeping windows open whenever possible will also help manage the moisture level of your basement.
  • Contact a Professional – If you’re struggling to prevent efflorescence from building up on the surface of your basement’s walls, then it’s time to call a professional. Everdry Waterproofing has the experience and knowledge to help prevent the efflorescence in your home.

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Choosing a Trusted Efflorescence Cleaner

When you choose a company to work on your home, you expect them to treat you and your property with care and respect. That is exactly what the experts at Everdry Waterproofing do. We have helped over 100,000 customers with their basement waterproofing needs, and we can help you too, with innovative solutions for efflorescence cleaning. We currently hold an A+ rating with the BBB, which highlights our relentless dedication to customer satisfaction. We have access to the latest tools and technology to ensure you’re getting the best service possible. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is here to answer any questions you have along the way, so you can feel confident in our ability to help protect your home. When you need reliable and thorough basement waterproofing solutions and efflorescence cleaning, you can trust the professionals at Everdry Waterproofing. Contact us today to schedule your free service.

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