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Everdry just finished waterproofing our basement today. We were impressed by Jeremy D. and his team who worked on our basement. Communication from Jeremy was excellent - we always knew when the team was arriving and when they were done for the day. Along the way we got progress reports. Jeremy and his team worked extremely hard and we are very pleased with the completed job. We are very glad to have found Everdry to resolve our wet basement issues!

Ruth Halikowski

Ever Dry crew completed waterproofing my basement, including 175 linear feet of interior trenching along outside walls, installation of drains, an additional sump pump, 23 heavy steel braces on three walls, plus outside excavation to repair cracks. The time estimates up front were accurate, work was completed in five days. The transferable lifetime warranty will be of great value to us and future owners, and we appreciated the significant discount for "on-call" scheduling.
Special kudos to Foreman, Charles Gross, and the crew. Good leadership, good teamwork, good product, good workmanship.

Ernst Tamm

My mom had her basement waterproofed by everdry recently and the service was amazing. The foreman Jeremy let them know when they would arrive and gave multiple progress reports throughout the day. They did the job faster than planned and we are more than happy with the work. I would recommend them to anyone who has water problems in their basement

Brenda Arrowood

Extremely excited to be with Everdry Waterproofing in Waukesha!! Highest quality work in service and response for keeping our entire basement dry. A service worker was requested to fix my basement pump issue and was very knowledgeable about our home basement system and very professional. The issue was addressed right away, thank you! We are in great hands with Everydry. They are reliable and customer service is awesome, thanks again!!

Jose Chandler, Jr

As a local realtor I'm always looking for great foundation companies and my friend had recommended I try referring Ben at Everydry for a seller. He answered my call right away and went to the home the next day. He fixed the sump pump issue fast and my seller was so pleased. I highly recommend anyone to Everdry they will take great care of you and your clients.

Lindsay Andrews

We had EverDry fix our basement almost 20 years ago. We had water in the basement only six weeks after moving in back in 1998. We explored a lot of options to address the issue. Everdry was the option that made the most sense, as other companies did not seem to understand the actual problem, or offered a solution that I did not think would actually address the underlying issue. It was a big project, and was done in a few days. They offer a lifetime service agreement. We have had them come several times for different issues. At first, we still had an issue after a very heavy rain. They addressed this. We have also had check valves and pumps fail, and they are replaced as needed. They even fixed something that I broke with no questions. They are always responsive. Their warranty/service agreement is transferable, so when we sell, the new owners will not have to worry about the basement. Highly recommended.

Scott Simpson

We had Everdry update the drainage of our basement in 2010 and we have been pleased with the results. If you pay their yearly service fee, any issues that come up are serviced at no charge. We have had a few sump pump issues including needing a new sump pump and had new valves installed as well so we didn’t have to pay for that. Friendly phone contacts and friendly service people as well.

Karin Grant

I would like to thank Everdry for all the hard work they have been doing for me over the years whenever I called them they will respond quickly. They come out on time. Do the work without a problem any questions I have they answer it for me if they don’t know, they say they’ll get back with me the same day but all the guys came and work in my basement did a good job and thank you

Beverly Townsed

I was having some issues with my sump pump. The service technician over the phone was very helpful. He stayed on the phone with me for over 30 minutes walking me through different options to solve the problem. He informed me of helpful tips for maintenance of the sump pump over the winter. Ultimately, Alex came out to fix the sump pump. He stayed in contact and gave time updates before arriving and was very helpful with fixing the problem.

Deanna Quale

I have been a long time Everdry customer (2009) and they live up to the advertising. My basement is bone dry (one end used to get inches of water after heavy rain) and has been for almost 15 years, they also replaced my sump pump under warranty with zero hassle, I called, they came out and swapped it out, easy. very pleased!

Jamie Armstrong

Everdry Waterproofing fixed my basement years ago and, happily, still no water. Recently, my sump pump float got stuck and I couldn't fix it myself. Their rep came out that day and got it working again for FREE! What great service! Thank you so much for your continued good work.

Diane Bennett

Exceptional Service by Everdry Basement Waterproofing - A Five-Star Experience!
We recently had the pleasure of working with Everdry Basement Waterproofing. Our project involved trenching (both inside & out) of exterior foundation walls, the replacement of failing drain tiles, the addition of depth to existing sump wells, the replacement of existing sump pumps & battery backups, as well as the installation of an Everdry waterproofing system.
Foreman, De'Vonte, assisted by Anthony, made the entire process so much easier than we had anticipated. Both were knowledgeable, approachable, and ensured that all aspects of the project were explained clearly. Their commitment to quality was evident in every step of the process, with both taking time to immediately address any questions or concerns that arose during the project.
Malik, Mike, Rylee, and the rest of the crew were all as friendly and approachable as they were skilled. I was honestly astounded by the amount of both skilled labor and (literal) heavy lifting that these young men managed to kick out each day, all with a positive attitude. The effort involved was clearly substantial, especially with a basement as large as ours, but the team worked seamlessly to deliver on time.
Having never been through the process before, I will admit that seeing our basement after the "demolition" phase of the project was a little daunting, but De'Vonte reassured me that the team respected our home and would ensure that we were satisfied with both the clean-up effort, as well as the end product. He was not wrong. Truly, I was shocked to see the transformation that took place over the course of our project. De'Vonte's dedication made the entire experience about as stress-free as having one's basement jackhammered up possibly could be.
The entire team worked efficiently and kept our home as clean as possible, taking steps to protect our flooring and belongings with heavy duty plastic, which was greatly appreciated. The waterproofing was completed within the promised timeline, and so far, everything looks great. Our basement is now waterproofed, and I am looking forward to leaving behind any further worry of water in the basement thanks to the exceptional work of De'Vonte, Anthony, and their Everdry team!
(Side note to dog owners: This team also turned out to be very dog-friendly. Though not of consequence to most, that I didn't have to crate our already nervous, large dog for the entire process was such a bonus. On the contrary, he was excited to see the crew arrive every morning. I'm pretty sure he thought they were all here to see him, lol!)

S Zedler

Very grateful for this team. They are very friendly, good communication and easy to work with while understanding the urgency of my call. They quickly responded and provided new equipment when our sub pump was not responding properly in the past and to keep an eye on everything during a recent warranty inspection. Very happy knowing I have the peace of mind through the ongoing warranty to ensure someone is always there to help if we ever have any issues in our basement again.

R Wargolet

We just completed a waterproofing project in our family home and wanted to share what a terrific experience we had with Everdry Waterproofing of Wisconsin (out of Waukesha/Pewaukee). Chris did a great job of setting the stage and explaining the process to my parents. They were comfortable going into what was to be a fairly major 3+ day project in a 100-year-old house with brick foundation. Foreman Sebastian showed up with his crew on day 1 and immediately explained how things would go down. He remained on site with the crew the entire time, and regularly came to us with updates and explanations of what his team was doing. It’s early on in the post-work phase, but so far we’re very happy with how it all turned out. Sebastian brought the project in on the early end of the time estimate (approx. 2.5 days), and we’re feeling great about our decision to have this done, and our decision to have Everdry do the work. Sebastian could not have been a nicer or more knowledgeable guide through the process. His team was courteous and worked hard, and their work looked great. Our house was as clean after they left as it was when they arrived. I can’t speak to how Everdry’s prices compared to their competitors because we didn’t do much of a bidding process. But we feel like we paid a fair price for the work and the warranty. Big thanks to Chris and Sebastian and his crew for giving our home the chance to stand another 100 years!

Chris Richards

We had an excellent experience with Everdry. Levi, our consultant, was very helpful, they did a great job, despite a lot of construction work, put everything back in order, & we've had no problems since. Peace if mind. I'd recommend their service in a minute.

Jim Sullivan

Connor and his team did an amazing job on my basement! They were very professional and made sure I was updated every step of the way. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get work done to their basement. Thank you guys again!

Samantha Rognsvoog

Huge shout out to Connor and his team at everdry. They are some of the most stand-up, professional, bunch I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. And today, they went above and beyond today. They took time and care to save my husbands grandmother's rose bush. Thank you, guys. GOOD JOB!

Joanne Agnello

Everything completed as discussed when I signed the contract. On site manager and crew was exceptional. Completed the job in a very timely manner. Left property inside and out cleaned to a T!

Debra Loveridge

Sebastian and his crew were very professional and did an excellent job. They kept me updated, worked quickly and left my place all cleaned up. I highly recommend Everdry.

Peggy Strahan

Recently had an issue with my sump pump being blocked (which was under warranty). The team came out and decided the unit needed to be replace. They were friendly, professional, and were able to do the replacement very quickly. Great experience.

Deb Gonnella

Everydry did our basement right before we purchased our house over 20 years ago. We have maintained the warranty and they have come by over the years to take care of some digging we did around the house and also a sump pump that died. These guys are always professional. They stand by their work and we love them.

Ian Bultman

It's been about 20 years since we had Everdry fix our basement. There have been issues but Everdry addressed everyone to our satisfaction.

Glenn Villa

We had our basement done by the Everdry crew, Alex, Xavier, Dawson and Jamison were excellent workers on time very polite and did a great job. Special thanks to Scotty Godshaw, for referring us to Everdry, we are forever, grateful, and happy to be part of the Everdry family.

Patty Hogan

Did a great job on my commercial building basement wall that had bowed. Levi and his foreman were attentive and thorough. I would recommend Everdry without reservation.

Bradley Osgood

The team that worked on our project did a GREAT job. De' Varrious, Antonio,Adam and Tony were professional, always on time(if not early). I would highly recommend EverDry based on our experience with this team.

Carole McPherson

We had our basement waterproofed by Everdry Waterproofing more than 15 years ago and have been completely satisfied with their installation and service. They have always been there to answer our questions and make alterations when necessary. In that time they replaced two sump pumps at no cost to us. We highly recommend them to other homeowners and businesses, and look forward to many more years of great service. Thanks Everdry!

Lawerence Cappozzo

Our basement was originally serviced back in 2011 and still looking great. No leaks no mildew smell. Had them come out recently regarding some cracks and they came quickly and we're very professional.


This company is fantastic! Since 2011 they have taken care of our home. Tracy at Walworth County Fair was so energetic and enthusiastic about their product which is exactly what this company should be. Their attention to detail and explanation of the process was a pure confidence builder for us. Definitely guarantee their company and products.

Sweetsyves2 2

Everdry has been excellent. The work is very good. Our basement has been perfect and dry since their work. Highly recommend them, it well worth the cost. Adam is also great to work with.

Jennifer Hodgson

Adam (one of the managers) was super helpful and reassuring when I had a few questions, came out to the house and did an inspection of their work, and was happy with how it is after all these years. They also, about 10 years ago, came and replaced the sump pump at no charge. When it was deemed to not be enough, they installed a second one, at no charge. The warranty is 100% worth it! Previous homeowners did the installation of bracing on 3 sides of the basement and weeping tile completely around too. I’ve reaped the benefits, as will the next owners when it’s time for me to move on.
*Edited to add: My house was built in 1923, and the installation was in roughly 2009, and I’ve had it since 2012.

Caroline Barrow

Everdry did a great job with helping waterproof the basement on our 100 yr old home that needed drain tile, sump pump and re-tarring the outside walls. They completed the job on time. Being on the isthmus in Madison near Tenney Park we were at risk of flooding and Everdry made sure that didn’t happen. They were true professionals and highly recommend!

Vanessa LaCoste

We had them do our basement 2 years ago and have had no leaks. The team did a great job and were very professional.

Jordan Dominiak

Seriously could not be happier with the work and job performed from EverDry!
Sebastian S. (installing foreman) and his team are a very punctual, clean, hard working professional group of men.
My wife and I both work full time and were not able to be at our household for a good portion of the basement waterproofing project.
This did not matter as Sebastian would text photos along with detailed information describing every step of the process as it was going on EVERY SINGLE DAY!
He would call 30 minutes before arriving and would also call at end of the day before leaving giving updates on where the project was at, and where it was headed next.
After the project was completed. I was able to go over all the questions I had about the system (mainly the sump pump system). And I received detailed answers and information on all of the questions asked and even some that I did not, giving me a way better understanding of the entire system.
After having everything explained I was very impressed at how EverDry’s waterproofing system works to keep water away from the foundation. I now have the piece of mind that I no longer have to worry about water coming into our basement and causing damage.
If you want your basement dry and problem free, the professionals at EverDry are the ones to call!

Josh Zabransky

I could not be more please with the results I have received from Everdry. They did my basement over 19 years ago and I have had no problems since, Their Customer Service is outstanding.

Rick Wallock

Everdry was easy to work with. From day one, I dealt with professional people. Everything was scheduled and on time. I would highly recommend them for your basement needs.

Mary Bath

It has been 3 months since everdry completed our basement and we are more than happy. The team was responsive and walked us through every step. The communication and process has been great.

Lois Curran

We had Everdry done on our basement years ago. We have been pleased with the job & the service thereafter. We would recommend Everdry to anyone in need.

Pam Konczak

Everydry Waterproofing was the best investment I've made for my basement. They dug around the outside and inside of the basement walls, put in a sump pump and an EZ Breathe Ventilation system that keeps my basement mold free, water free and dry! Last year I had some moisture in 2 upper corners and they came out and dug 5 feet down to seal the outside of the concrete foundation! This year I noticed some of my louvres in the EZ Breath outside vent were missing and they sent me replacements. This is a very professionally run business and I would refer them most highly to all my friends!

Marcia Emerson

Had our everdry waterproofing done in 2020 and we are still very happy. It has been a success for us. Our basement is dry, it doesn’t smell and we LOVE that. Very happy.

Meg Colvin

EVERDRY did our foundation work in 2009 and have had no issues. They come out every year to recaulk around the foundation. EVERDRY & their representatives, workers, & schedulers are outstanding in knowledge & professionalism. I can recommend EVERDRY without reservation.

Mike Harloff

I can't recommend these guys enough! They did a great job!
We discovered that the basement in our new home had some water issues. We thought the water was coming inside because of grading issues. Unlucky for us, it was coming from under the basement. We called Everdry and they came out quickly, quoted us and the work began soon after. Jeremy and his crew (De'Varrious, Billy, and Anthony) were fantastic! They were professional, hardworking and very friendly. They made this process much less intimidating. If you need any work done, these guys are the best!

Alicia LaFrance

Had our basement done 3 years ago and could not be happier. Drain tiles and new sump pump. The team was professional and sensitive to my plants and my pet.

Linda Bay

Had a re-inspection today by Adam...
After nearly ten years...No regrets...We still have a 'HEALTHY BASEMENT'!!
The EZ BREATHE is working great! No odors of mold or mildew like before.
No dampness...the basement walls are COMPLETELY dry.
Everything is working as intended...
If you need basement work for any reason, please consider EVERDRY. You won't regret it.

Sandra Rebernick

We had Everdry come out and fix our basement after we bought our house. They were here twice to fix different sections, and we have not had any basement water problems since. We definitely recommend Everdry for all your basement problem needs.

Mary Ann & Eric Zimmer

My system works wonders in my basement. Along with my sump pump, it stays dry. My house is at the bottom of an incline, so we get a lot of water in our yard.

Amanda Bach

The work was done efficiently within 5 days both inside and out. The crew and foreman were outstanding. I'm pleased with the results and would recommend their service.

Denise Frank

We've had our house for six years and took over the Everdry warranty from the previous homeowners. We've had to use it to get service once, making it well worth the cost. Quick work, great service. Would absolutely recommend.

Molly Sproatt

Alisha was a huge help on the phone. Love you guys
Ben installed a new sumpump. Nice guy!

Diane Mier

The entire crew: Nathan, Xavier, Dawson, Mike and Zack conducted themselves as professionals throughout the process. Nathan (Foreman) shared information the salesman forgot to share to give us the best picture of what was required after the project was through. The team replaced, replanted, cleaned up and watched out for our pets during the 2 day process. The whole team worked extremely hard but remained polite, courteous, and pleasant while in and around our home. Would highly recommend Everdry and request Nathan and his crew.

Chad Ullenberg

We love Every Dry! Scotty is amazing. We purchase 17 years ago and warranty was transferred to us. No issues. Office is professional and listens to my questions and answers so I can understand. Love them!

Timmie Jo Brown

Had a big basement job done. Work was done on schedule and ontime. Sebastian clearly communicated the work for the day and explained the work that was done. They went out of their way preserving some of the wife's plants. Give these guys two thumbs up for customer service.

Mad Yeti

I've had Everdry for about 15 years now. It's great not having a damp wet basement anymore. Pay the warranty plan. If something comes up with the sump pump they're guick to show up and resolve it.

Dawn Winkelman

Office staff is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Basement work appears be effective to date.

Diane Cohen

Everyday is a wonderful company that waterproofed my basement inside and outside. Very professional and courteous crew. I would highly recommend them.

Vicki Kossen

EverDry put in a multistep system nearly 20 years ago- I've been extremely pleased. My basement has been dry ever since!

Dani Metz

Everdry Waterproofing did an excellent job installing new tiles all the way around the basement for my in-laws home in West Bend, WI. they also patched a large crack in the basement concrete block wall that had shifted, due to the age of the home.
The Everdry team responded quickly and professionally.
Thank you, Everdry:)

Don Koloski

Our dry basement over the past eleven years is evidence of Everdry Waterproofing’s high-quality work. A wet basement? No worries! Their customer service, though seldom needed, has been golden. Money well spent!

S. E. De Windt

Our house>100 years old, we had definite water damage, cracking high humidity! The sump pump and drain tiles solved our problems. Very happy we did this! We’ll worth it.

Susan Talaska-Pikalek

I contracted with Everdry Waterproofing two years ago. The team was very responsive, from the office staff to the actual service team. They answered any and all questions I had. The supervisor of the team had a lead supervisor as well to make sure the job was perfect.

Donna Flees

The people that did the work were also great at communicating how everything worked to. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Jason Snow

They were fantastic! We even had another company do work before everdry and they couldn’t fix it, Our home is quite a bit older and it’s been dry since!

Lena Damrau

Had our basement repaired about 20 years ago. Not one problem since, highly recommend if you have any issues with your basement. Once Everdry comes over, no more wet, smelly basement!

Jeff Shimetz

I was very pleased with Everdry. The sales person (Mike) was very informative and professional. The project was scheduled earlier than originally mentioned. The site workers were extremely hard-working and conscientious. Jeremy and Davarius did a great job of keeping us informed as to the process and timings. Jeremy called each work day to let us know when they were arriving. They went through and explained the progress each day and what to expect the next day. The entire crew worked hard and were very professional. More than once, other management/support people stopped by to see how the job was progressing and to see if there were any questions. For such a major project, they finished within the 3-5 day timeframe given (actually 4 full days), and left the job site clean. For our basement drain tile issues and wall concerns, they provided the right solution with a lifetime warranty.

Jim Kannenberg

Selecting Everdry has been one of the best decisions our family has made. We have had absolutely no problems since they did our basement over 15 years ago.

Cassandra Lanier

We had Everdry already in our house when we bought it. We paid up on the protection plan, and they have been great at replacing everything without any problems, including the pump.

Brian Fowler

We're very pleased with the job they did for us and the customer service was fantastic!

Jane Schilling

They did my basement 16 years ago an it's been perfectly dry ever since.

Dave Cantrell

Best in town! Get the warranty it's worth it! TRACY is by for the person to ask for she will set you up right!

Ryan Rose

We had our basement waterproofed by Everdry about 15 years and have been happy with the results.

Angie Mason

We saw Tracy at the Tremper craft show and I told her we've used EverDry already in the past , 2021, and we have had no water or flooding since.

Colleen Schmidt

Had them do my Basement last year and have been dry ever since. Thy did a great job.

Jennifer Vesper

Very kind people they work very fast even just before thanksgiving day.

Dark Angel

I appreciate the service provided by Everdry Waukesha technician Jeff. Jeff was very prompt, professional, skilled, and friendly.

Reggie Parks

We were very happy that our serious water issue in the basement was solved by Everdry!

Jennifer Scheele

Everdry's crew worked hard the hours they were here, were respectful of our time, kept things clean, and cleaned up after the work was finished. we would recommend them to our friends.

Judy Boehm

We had EverDry do our basement great service and friendly staff.

Sarah Letteney

Sebastián and his crew were great. Very professional and friendly. Cleaned up nicely.

Mary Trapp

It has been great service. Replaced our battery and sump pump as part of the warranty without issue.

Adrian Largaespada

We had so many problems with water in our basement. I called several places but Everdry was highly recommend to me and now I know why. The men were very professional and went above and beyond. Thank you for a dry basement after all these years.

Linda Malecki

I am so glad I decided to go with Everydry! Jake was very professional answering any questions I had. The crew did an amazing job on my basement and I would definitely tell them about this business to anyone that asks for recommendations :)

Tina Bowers

Great experience reinstating warranty from previous owner. Repairs have held up beautifully.

Sharon M.

Nate and his crew were very efficient, completing the job in 3 days. Nate, the foreman, always kept me informed and always available to answer my questions.

Dennis Bushman

Jake did an amazing job! The crew was on time, efficient and my basement is brand new again with some extra supports and new concrete! I would recommend Everdry to anyone!

Joseph Bachman

Everdry was able to meet our needs with quick turn around time. Their team was great to work with an our basement has been dry ever since.

Magnus Vildhede

I had ever dry do a dig out on the inside and outside of my home in sept 2021. In the spring of this year I noticed some water in the basement near one of the corners of our foundation. I called ever dry and sch a person to come out and look at it. He agreed that there was some sort of issue and set up an appointment to find out the problem and fix it. I was not happy with the wait time to have this done. It was a month and a half before they came saying this was their first opening. Today May 23 a very nice young man by the name if Alejandro Martinez Dumez came to fix my problem. He was extremely knowledgeable and willing to make the issue right. Apparently the first crew never dug down far enough and my foundation had a crack. This young man dug out all the way down to the foundation. Then tarred the wall then put plastic. Laid plastic in the bottom back filled with rock, put more fill then more rock. Rewrapped what needed to be wrapped and then replaced my dirt and any thing he moved. He kept us informed of all progress and worked steady. I would recommend this young man on any job that a home owner might need work on. Thank you Alejandro. You definitely made this process easier.

Linda DiMiceli

Never a drop in my finished basement even when my neighbors have to pump water out after heavy rains and snow melt.

Jane Mortazavi

Tracy is making my day, but also seriously it works! 1905 home with a very dry basement since Everdry. So happy we did this.

Nicole Jones

Basement has stayed dry ever since. We’re quick and completed work in 2 days.

Amy Kilkenny

We had them do are basement over 25 years ago. Great service.

Chris Holley

The service I received from Everdry was great. I appreciate how they give the young guys a shot at a nice career.

Marlon Paige

I've had an amazing experience with this company. I have 3 Son's that work for this company, and I could not be more proud. Everdry has taught them so much, and I'm beyond blessed for it!

Heather Davidson

Excellent work and great crew. Thank you De'Vonte, Ant, Mike & Owen.

Jennifer Lewis

Everydry came to my house and educated me on my basement issues to help fix the water seepage - very easy to work with.

Max Paul

The old owner received service 10 years ago and the work was wonderful! No issues!

Melissa Olmo

Such a great experience! All sealed and 2 extra Sump pumps installed!

Jennifer Gelinskey

Had major water problems for years then had the problem solved by everdry . Haven't had a problem since. Phil Braatz - Watertown, WI

Kathy Braatz

Very hard workers and they wanted to do the job right!! Cleaned up very well after what was a messy job!

Mary Winkler

I have been a customer since 2008. I highly recommend Everdry waterproofing. I had a recent issue and they stand behind their work and will repair in warranty. Great experience!

Denise Hardt

Very satisfied with the results. My basement used to have a river running through it, and now it's dry.

Sally Schmidt

Amazing all around experience! We enjoy our basement so much now!

Jill Hanes

Had basement done and reinforced, no leeks or problems since 2001.

Sue Roslowski

Guys were excellent, job was done quick and correct, no problems. Bryan & Sharon Kannenberg Port, Washington, WI

Tami Bonjean

I was very satisfied with the work they did. I am 2 years in and my basement is dry and doing well.

Dean Dekker

A job well done, works well with out sump pump basement is always dry, was installed in 1917.

Ron Ciriacks

Very nice. Cool glasses. We appreciate the braces on our basement :)

Daniel Kilkenny

The guys did an awesome job fixing my basement wall,that was leaking and collapsing. . Great job! Highly recommended.

Ken Rorek

Great company with great customer service. Highly recommend the warranty program!

Spencer Kronz

5 years no issues. Best investment into our basement. Home built in 1928

Dave Poulson

Great job and overall completely satisfied. Our basement is dry and haven’t found any future leaks. Thanks

Joe Wulf

Charles & Ken crew did a wonderful job on the project and I like the teamwork and quality they had for me . Great service

Leslie Brown

You did our basement in 2020 and we have not had a single problem since! Tracy helped us out tremendously!

Peggy Kubricky

Had my home for 6 years and and my basement has stayed everdry. When I had any questions they were quick to respond to any information I needed.

Timothy Komasa

Great work. My basement flooded and they redid the whole basement and no problems since.

Amanda Suarez

The work crew did a great job. No leaks since they did the work.

Nancy Toll

Good service and helped with our basement issues right away.

Heather S.

Very satisfied with the work. Talked to Tracy here.

Pamela Bauman Swanson

Had my basement waterproofed in 2007 and had a great experience.

Tiffany Lemanski

Had basement fixed many years ago and very happy with everything!

Barbara Dowty

Amazing experience the team that repaired our house after flooding in July 2022.

Jeffrey Coleman

Excellent and efficient work. It was a pleasure working with them.

Lynn Smith

We haven't had any problems with our basement since you came out and fixed our basement about 3 years ago.

Nicole Pekrul

Wonderful experience. My allergies virtually went away after Everdry completed their work!!

Joseph Fricano

Beautiful new dry basement. Nice crew and hard workers.

Kevin Kraemer

Great service! Always prompt and helpful.

Aaron Erdmann

Sean was outstandingHe told me exactly what my problem wasAnd what was needed to fix itDidn't give me a bunch of baloneyHe was very informativeAnd didn't waste my time.

Wayne Rydzewski

Awesome service and quality work. Never have to worry about a damp musty basement.

Brain Day

Great work no issues for 20 plus years.

Steven M O'Laughlin

Good product good timing for all they did.

Michael Beardsley

What a joy not to have to have or even think about water in the basement for these many years, at least 20 years.

Carol Lathrop

Seriously could not be happier with the work and job performed from EverDry!
Sebastian S. (installing foreman) and his team are a very punctual, clean, hard working professional group of men.
My wife and I both work full time and were not able to be at our household for a good portion of the basement waterproofing project. This did not matter as Sebastian would text photos along with detailed information describing every step of the process as it was going on EVERY SINGLE DAY!
He would call 30 minutes before arriving and would also call at end of the day before leaving giving updates on where the project was at, and where it was headed next.
After the project was completed. I was able to go over all the questions I had about the system (mainly the sump pump system). And I received detailed answers and information on all of the questions asked and even some that I did not, giving me a way better understanding of the entire system.
After having everything explained I was very impressed at how EverDry’s waterproofing system works to keep water away from the foundation. I now have the piece of mind that I no longer have to worry about water coming into our basement and causing damage.
If you want a dry basement with no problems the professionals at EverDry are the ones to call hands down!!

Elizabeth Zabransky

Does great keeping in touch and following up!

Leah Rose

Lovely experience. Great work.

Nicholas B.

Very easy to work with. dependable and professional , would recommend everyone here.

Dennis Rhodes

Great work highly impressed.


Austin was great and completed the work in a clean quick fashion.

B. Johnson

Got my basement dry. Good work.

Michael Kolbach

Love the extra security to our basement!

Emily Jane Leak

The crew did an awesome job!!! They worked together as a team.


Everdry gets the job done quickly! Great job!

Mary Kophamer

Very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process.

Stan Jewell

Very friendly interaction with Tracy!

Mary-Jo Kaufmann

Everydry does great work. Quick work, minimal mess (for foundation work).

Sean Franzen

I no longer have water leaking into my basement.

Paul Ubi

Basement' s been dry since they did their work. They cleaned up well after themselves.

Pat Hummel

Had the system for 10 years without any issues.

Andy Drews

Great Warranty! Knowledgeable Service Department!

Ryan Fuller

Professional service with a smile friendly workers.

Frank Pikalek

Super fast and super well done!

Sarah Scott

My basement has never had water again.

Leah Kowalik

Good help.

Nancy LaForest

Great company.

Jeremy Dixon

Excellent advice and services.

Jerry Lewis

Basement always dry.

Audrey Maillet

Would recommend this company to everyone!

Doug Bryfczynski

You guys rock!!


TRACY Very helpful!

Ronald Mull

Drain tile and sub pump install.

Mary Grabowski

Very dependable and professional service.

Joe Citro

No more water.

Bob Conrad

Great company.

Cheryl Schmitz

Would recommend!

Marissa Soto

The only reason for a 5 star review is because of the workmen. Jake, Alejandro and their crew were great. They made sure we were happy. If not they took care of it. Every question was answered and explained in a way only an installer could. I may not have agreed with it all but I understood it. The sales person should have done this but we felt he way over simplfied some things. The salesman left us a bit disappointed with the business. We feel we got a good product but over priced.

Dennis Snyder

This was the cleanest mess ever!! job was finished super fast even with bad weather conditions. Basement was left cleaner than they found it. Very nice cleaning after themselves (driveway, walls, floors, even grass around the house). Great communication about progress. Crew was respectful of our personal space.

Oranzine D. - Milkwaukee

Reliable service. We can now enjoy a dry basement.

Daniel A. - Kenosha

Our house came with an Everdry basement. It is old and has a filed stone basement. I paid the service agreement each year and was glad we had a dry basement. One spring it rained – a lot. We were getting water in the back corner. I emailed Everdry and they asked if I could send in some photos. There was just a small gap where the sheeting ended and the cistern. They came out and fixed the gap and put in a trench around the cistern so there was no more leaking! They really have stood behind their work. Another spring we had water coming in the stairs. Again, I was asked to supply photos. They came out and caulked the area and it has been dry ever since. I would highly recommend Everdry to anyone!

Ranee S. - Waukesha

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