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Multi-Step Waterproofing System in Greater Milwaukee

Everdry Waterproofing provides expert basement waterproofing services to our customers. A frequently flooded basement is more than an annoyance; it can cause harm to the foundation and increase the risk of mold. Therefore, it is crucial to do what you can to minimize moisture. Doing so opens doors previously inaccessible to homeowners with leaky basements. For instance, waterproofing a basement allows homeowners to lay new flooring and finish or semi-finish the basement. To do so, we utilize a variety of techniques, including multi-step™ waterproofing. Milwaukee, WI residents can use this technique to introduce a drier climate to their basement, enabling them to utilize their space more efficiently. Learn more about multi-step™ waterproofing below.

multi-step system diagram

What Is Everdry Waterproofing’s Multi-Step™ System

Multi-step™ waterproofing is a complete solution to destructive flooding issues in homes. A house is a significant investment, and this process is one of the best ways to protect it. Essentially, our technicians utilize a variety of methodologies to shore up both the interior and exterior systems to prevent moisture from entering the basement and damaging property and your foundation. By targeting both the inside and outside of your home, Everdry Waterproofing’s experts create a sealed environment. When the rains come, you’ll no longer have to rely on a sump pump to remove the excess water.

Is a Multi-Step™ System Right for Your Basement?

You should be aware that not all basements are an excellent fit for the multi-step™ system. However, Everdry Waterproofing can determine whether this system will work in your basement. During the process, we work on your exterior and interior surfaces in the following ways:

  • Outside the home
  • Hand-excavate an inspection trench
  • Excavate all cracks below the trench and repair them (as needed)
  • Apply waterproofing to the walls
  • Add heavy-duty industrial plastic to the mastic, forming a “J” channel
  • Install sub-soil drainage tiles, packed in gravel
  • Seal basement windows and outside cement (as needed)
  • Inside the basement
  • Repair any cracks
  • Open an inspection trench by using a patented dust suppression system
  • Inspect and reinforce the footers (where required)
  • Repair all footer cracks (if necessary)
  • Install sub-flooring drainage systems
  • Replace any destroyed concrete flooring
  • Open a hole in the corner of the floor
  • Install perforated plastic crock, packed in gravel
  • Add a pressure relief system, which lowers all water beneath the floor
  • Install an E-Z Breath ventilation system
  • Add DuraShield and Stablwall (if needed)
  • Clean and haul debris

What Are the Benefits of the Multi-Step™ System

While not all basements benefit from the multi-step system™ equally, there are some undeniable benefits to proceeding with Everdry Waterproofing’s effective basement waterproofing system. Our basement waterproofing system addresses the most significant and costly byproducts of a leaky basement efficiently, introducing peace of mind you’ve never had before. During the next thunderstorm, you can watch the storm without worrying about whether the basement is flooding. Our multi-step™ basement waterproofing system provides other benefits, including:

Gain More Usable Space

Imagine a multi-use, fully-functional basement space. At a minimum, eradicating leaks can free up space to store winter gear, bikes, and more. But it creates other possibilities, as well. You can add a pool or ping pong table to your basement or partially finish it for a home theater. Multi-step™ waterproofing can be the first step to dramatically improving your living conditions.

Relieves Hydrostatic Pressure

One of the more destructive byproducts of frequent flooding is hydrostatic pressure. It presses against your foundation, which gradually weakens it. Multi-step™ waterproofing is effective at relieving this pressure and preserving the structural stability of your foundation. We install an interior drain tile to accomplish this task. Once we finish the waterproofing process, there will be much less hydrostatic pressure on the walls.

Addresses All Aspects of Foundation Damage

Foundation damage occurs in four ways: the footer, wall, air quality, and floor. Unfortunately, most waterproofing systems are effective at addressing only one of those systems, which isn’t the case with multi-step™ waterproofing. Each component of Everdry Waterproofing’s system works hand-in-hand to address all four phases of foundation damage, delivering superior home protection.


  • Protects outside walls from cracking and seepage.
  • Enhances outside drainage system.
  • Addresses 1 of 4 ways moisture affects your foundation.


  • Most labor intensive.
  • Messy- usually destroys landscaping and grass near site.
  • Warranty covers walls only.
  • Does not address humidity which causes mold growth.

Contact Everdry Waterproofing to Improve Your Basement

Everdry Waterproofing is a trusted, national brand, known for its outstanding foundation and waterproofing services. We carry on Everdry Waterproofing’s reputation throughout Wisconsin. As the state’s number one basement waterproofing company, you can trust us to find the source of your basement’s leak and address the problem head-on. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, always delivering a solution at a fair rate. Our technicians adopt a highly personalized approach to ensure they always address your concerns. If you have a basement that floods, you’re not alone. But there is a solution. Contact us today and discover the joys of a dry basement.

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