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Simply put, your sump pump is your last line of defense between your dry basement and a total flood. Your sump pump is an essential part of any basement or crawl space waterproofing system, as it is the only component pumping all that collected water out of your home.

Now, since owning a basement or crawl space in the Milwaukee area tends to be quite the headache year round, given its close proximity to The Great Lakes and a high water table, you’re going to want to take care of that sump pump. Here are a few tips that just might make your life a little easier next time a rainstorm hits:

  1. Keep your sump pit covered. Pump obstructions account for a large percentage of sump pump failures. We’ve seen everything; from kids’ toys to dirty socks causing pump failure and subsequent water damage. Be sure the lid is tightly secured so nothing gets in there!
  2. Tidy up sump pump cords with zip ties! Your sump pump’s float switch is the part that engages and disengages the pump as it fills with water, and can easily get wrapped up in loose, messy cords. Use zip ties to make sure cords a tightly secured away from your pump’s float switch.
  3. Test your pump once a month. By pouring a few buckets of water directly into your sump pit, you can determine whether or not your pump is working effectively. If something doesn’t look quite right, consider calling for a professional evaluation.

Wet basements are preventable! If you need help or have any questions with your Wisconsin basement or crawl space, feel free to contact us here!

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