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Cracks in the floor of Milwaukee, WI home during a dry season

While the rainy season is often associated with basement flooding and water damage, the dry season brings its own set of challenges to a home’s foundation and basement. During periods of extended dry weather, the soil surrounding a home can contract and lose its moisture content, leading to a host of foundation-related issues. Understanding these challenges, recognizing their signs, and taking proactive steps can help homeowners maintain the integrity of their basements during dry spells.

The Impact Of Dry Weather On Foundations

Dry weather can significantly affect the soil’s ability to support a foundation. As the soil dries out, it shrinks, reducing its volume and consequently, its ability to evenly support the weight of a home. This can lead to foundations settling, where parts of the home’s foundation may sink or shift, causing uneven floors, cracks in walls and floors, and doors or windows that stick or won’t close properly.

Cracks And Gaps In The Basement

One of the most visible signs of foundation damage during dry weather is the appearance of cracks and gaps in the basement walls and floor. These cracks can occur as the foundation shifts due to the uneven support provided by the contracting soil. Not only do these cracks compromise the structural integrity of a home, but they can also provide entry points for pests and even water when the weather changes.

Soil Pulling Away From The Foundation

Another indicator of potential foundation issues during dry periods is the soil pulling away from the foundation. This gap between the soil and the foundation can exacerbate the problem, as it allows even more air to circulate around the foundation, further drying out the soil and increasing the risk of foundation damage.

Preventive Measures For Dry Season Foundation Care

To mitigate the risks associated with dry weather, homeowners can adopt several strategies. One effective method is regular watering of the foundation area. This doesn’t mean flooding the area but maintaining a consistent moisture level in the soil. To prevent excessive contraction soaker hoses or drip irrigation systems can be strategically placed around the foundation to provide slow, steady watering that keeps the soil from drying out too much.

Landscaping Considerations

Proper landscaping can also play a significant role in protecting a foundation during dry spells. Choosing plants that require less water can help maintain a more consistent moisture level in the soil. In addition, mulching around the foundation can help retain soil moisture and temperature, reducing the risk of soil contraction.

Monitoring And Maintenance

Regular monitoring of the foundation and basement area is important, especially during the dry season. Homeowners should look for signs of foundation stress, such as new or expanding cracks, doors and windows that become difficult to operate, and visible gaps between the soil and the foundation. Early detection of these signs can allow for timely interventions that may prevent more severe damage.

Repairing Dry Season Damage

When signs of foundation damage are detected, prompt action is necessary. Minor cracks may be addressed with sealants or injections that fill the cracks and prevent them from expanding. More significant foundation issues, however, may require the expertise of foundation repair professionals who can assess the situation and recommend appropriate solutions, such as underpinning or piers, to stabilize the foundation.

Professional Assessments

Given the complexity of foundation issues and the potential for significant property damage, consulting with foundation repair experts is often the best course of action. These professionals can provide comprehensive evaluations, pinpoint the underlying causes of the damage, and implement effective repair strategies tailored to the specific needs of the property.

The dry season poses unique challenges to the structural integrity of basements and foundations. By understanding these challenges, homeowners can take proactive steps to prevent foundation damage during dry weather. Regular maintenance, strategic landscaping, and professional assessments are key components of a sound foundation care plan during dry spells. With the right approach, homeowners can protect their properties from the potential damages caused by the contracting soil and ensure the longevity of their foundations and homes.

Where to Go for Foundation Help

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