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A basement doesn’t have to be dark and dank. It can be light, dry and fully waterproof. Retrofit basement waterproofing systems can create that dry, livable basement environment. Here are the top 8 benefits to a waterproof basement in Milwaukee.

No Leaks
It may seem obvious but the number one benefit of a waterproof basement is that it doesn’t leak. A leaking basement causes a number of other problems from mold and mildew to foundation cracks and damage. A waterproof basement takes care of the leaks.

Peace of Mind
Many homeowners deal with a leaky basement for years. When they don’t have a waterproof basement, they worry about the basement flooding with every rainstorm. A waterproof basement gives homeowners a peace of mind.

No Mold
Mold needs water to go. By taking care of the water issues in the basement you inadvertently take care of future mold issues. If you have existing mold issues, you will need to remediate the mold. It is best to call a professional to help you get rid of the existing mold and a basement waterproofing contractor to make sure your basement environment is dry and doesn’t allow for mold to come back.

No Odors
Excessive moisture in the basement is what causes that musty smell. If you have a dry, waterproof basement it won’t have any odors.

Less Pests
Pests and insects like moisture too. Take to any pest control professional and they will tell you eliminating the water issue helps eliminate the pests returning when their job is done.

Better Air Quality Upstairs
The air in the basement doesn’t stay in the basement. Wet basement air full or biocontaminants and pollutants from the mildew, mold, rot and other allergens that flourish in wet environments will travel upstairs through what is called chimney effect. The air upstairs is pulled up and out the attic and the air from the basement or crawlspace is naturally pulled in to exchange that air. The EPA actually says 50% of indoor air comes from the basement. A dry basement environment helps create better indoor air for the whole house.

Preparation for a Basement Remodel
The EPA actually says taking care of a basement water issue is crucial in preparing for a basement remodel. Don’t ever remodel a basement that has potential or existing water problems. Waterproof the basement before you remodel. It will be a waste of money if you don’t.

Insurance for your Foundation
A basement waterproofing system is a lot like insurance for your foundation. Perpetually ignored water problems can lead to serious structural damage. Taking care of the water issues and waterproofing the basement will actually prevent these foundation issues in the future. If you don’t, you may be revisiting the issue when it is a lot more serious and costly. While not all foundation issues are preventable, many foundation repair issues could have been prevented by taking care of water issues with a basement waterproofing system early.

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