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Chances are your basement has waited too long already. Many times a basement waterproofing problem has been there longer than you think it has. While you may have just discovered it, it may have been building for years. However, sometimes it is a well-known issue but for whatever reason it has been temporarily dealt with or completely ignored. If it is a serious, seasonal gush of water most people have to mop up their basement floor more than once before they call a basement waterproofing contractor. Some try to “fix” the problem themselves and it takes another rainstorm for them to come to the conclusion that the problem needs more than what is available at the hardware store.

The longer you wait to fix the water problem in your basement, the worse the situation will become. As you soon as you find a basement leak, it cannot wait. No matter how much you can’t afford to fix a basement leak, you, honestly, can’t afford to wait. Waiting and letting the problem get worse will lead to bigger, more expensive problems.

Ignoring a basement leak will lead to mold and mildew problems, potential rot and water damage to the framing and rim joists as well as structural damage to the foundation itself. Concrete is porous and will deteriorate if left with a persistent leak. If you have water coming through a concrete wall it means there is water in the soil on the outside of the foundation building up pressure. Hydrostatic pressure can cause foundation damage and serious structural and nonstructural cracks. The nonstructural merely let in more water causing more damage, while the structural cracks can cause the foundation to collapse and compromise the structural integrity of the house.

Many people think condensation and moisture in the basement is normal and can wait. Moisture in the basement is not OK. Whether you call it moisture, vapor, humidity, condensation, dew, it is still water and can cause serious damage. Even the littlest drops of water built up over time can cause problems. The rule of thumb says the relative humidity in the basement should be right about 50%. Any higher is too wet and will lead to potential mold growth. Whether your basement water problem is small or an annual flood, don’t wait. Waterproofing your basement as soon as possible is the best solution.

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