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Dealing with a foundation issue is probably the last thing any homeowner wants to do. However, if you ever want to sell your house, you will have to deal with any foundation repairs. It doesn’t make sense to wait until you are ready to move. People tend to hold off based on a few common misconceptions about foundation repair. Debunking five of the most common myth or misconceptions about foundation repair in Waukesha will prepare you when the time comes.

Foundation Repair Costs Too Much

Honestly, home remodeling in general gets this reputation. However, what really costs too much is ignoring the foundation problem. Foundation issues will get worse over time. You do not have the luxury of just living with it and waiting until it is a better time. Before you put off foundation repair work because “it costs too much” call and get a professional estimate. The price will differ on the cause of the crack and the solution may be a simple polyurethane crack injection to keep water out. Fixing the small issues now will prevent that dreaded nightmare estimate down the road.

If Your Foundation Needs Repair, It Was Just a Bad Foundation

In most cases, the foundation itself is not the problem. The soil underneath the slab is the problem. Even a foundation built perfectly with ideal materials can develop cracks. Buildings can only withstand a very small amount of movement before foundation damage occurs. So if the soils around your home expands and contracts with the moisture in the soil or the freeze thaw cycles even the highest quality foundation can fail under the stress and pressure.

Foundation Repair Requires Excavation

This is not true. There are several foundation repair options where contractors install the system by drilling into the basement floor. Homeowners tend to hesitate calling a foundation repair specialist with the fear of ripping up their landscaped yard and driving up labor costs. It helps to know there are other options out there.

If You Have a Damaged Foundation You Might as Well Just Replace It With a New Foundation

There are few scenarios where replacing the foundation is better than repairing it. Replacing the foundation is incredibly expensive and should only be done in dire circumstances—i.e. the foundation is unsalvageable or basically already collapsing. Some people think rebuilding the foundation is actually better than repairing it and would be stronger. However, concrete actually grows stronger as time passes, so the existing foundation is stronger than a new foundation would be. Plus, most high quality repairs use stronger materials such as steel piers, metal wall anchors, carbon fiber, and/or other structural elements to repair and reinforce the foundation permanently and affordably.

Any Contractor Can Do the Job

Foundation repair is not the same as other home improvement jobs. It is a specialty. It takes certain skills and expertise and requires experience. This is also not a job for the do-it-yourselfer. There is a reason the local home improvement store doesn’t have foundation repair clinics next to the tile installation clinic.

Choose your foundation repair contractor carefully and make sure he is reliable and trustworthy. They are out there—that one isn’t a myth.

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