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The basement waterproofing industry is riddled with myths and misconceptions. Here are five myths about basement waterproofing in Waukesha WI 53186.

Myth #1: All You Really Need Is Black Tar Paint on the Foundation Wall and You Are Good to Go!

Black tar or waterproof paint applied to the inside or the outside of the foundation is not waterproofing. If you are building a new addition on your house or new construction and the contractor tries to tell you that the black paint will waterproof the foundation wall know it is a myth. While it may keep out some vapor, alone it will not work to keep your basement dry. Basement waterproofing in Waukesha WI 53186 is about water diversion. A waterproofing system works with several different components to keep the water out and if the water gets in it provides a way out.

Myth #2: Your Basement Will Still Leak After Basement Waterproofing Is Done.

This is a common misconception when only partial work is done in the basement. Sometimes a homeowner requests to fix the leak on one side of the basement and doesn’t install a full basement waterproofing system. While the contractor will guarantee the work that was done, if it is only on one side of the basement the other side of the basement could have problems in the future. A good waterproofing contractor will help you understand the benefits and risks of the waterproofing work you choose to install. Therefore, this is a partial myth and based on a misunderstanding. If you want your basement to remain dry, you need to install a waterproofing system for the whole basement.

Myth #3: Basement Waterproofing Contractor Disappear After They Finish the Job.

In the past, the waterproofing industry was plagued with fly-by-night contractors. However, this statement is definitely a myth today. Today the industry is very different. Most basement waterproofing companies are established companies with a high level of integrity. However, like any service oriented business you need to choose the company wisely. Make sure you look into a company’s history and reputation before you decide to hire them.

Myth #4: Interior Systems Don’t Work; Exterior Systems Don’t Work. There Is Only One System That Works for Every Basement.

Probably the most common misconception with basement waterproofing in Waukesha WI 53186 is thinking there is a one system fixes all. This is not the case. Every house, every lot, every climate and drainage situation is a little different. While the basic concepts apply to many different jobsites, there is not only one system out there that is the one and only solution. There are many different ways to do the same job and accomplish the same results. If a contractor says they have the system, don’t believe them. There are a lot of system that will get the job done it is just a matter of what system will work best for your situation.

Myth #5: You Will Have to Take Out a Second Mortgage to Pay For Basement Waterproofing!

With every job being a little different, you will see a difference in the quotes as well. It depends on the scope of work. However, most basement waterproofing jobs cost about $700-800 per 100 square feet. If you have a 1,500 square foot basement it can be in the $10,000 range to install a basement waterproofing system. However, like we said it will all depend on your particular situation, what is needed and the scope of work. Installing a basement waterproofing system will protect your foundation from future structural damage that could cost triple that.

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