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Is your basement leaking? Dealing with a leaking basement can seem like a daunting task to any home owner. It can be particularly stressful when you already have a finished basement. The thought of breaking walls and floors up, heavy workmen’s boots trudging on your clean floors and construction materials being dragged in and out of your home is enough to discourage anyone. If only you could keep the mess out.

Well you can. Exterior basement waterproofing in Manitowoc WI 54220 is quickly becoming the most popular method used to stop basements from leaking. This is because it allows the professionals to stop the leak without having to tear your finished basement apart.

How It’s Done

The first thing to note when it comes to exterior basement waterproofing in Manitowoc WI 54220 is that it should be done by a professional. Don’t attempt to do it yourself. It takes years of training and experience to gain the right skills to ensure that the waterproofing is done just right.

The first step in waterproofing the basement from the exterior involves identifying the walls with the leaks. This ensures that the contractor knows exactly where the problem is and is therefore able to deal with it.

The second step is to clean and dry the exterior wall. This ensures that the contractor has a clean surface on which to work. The cracks are then sealed with polyurethane. This is followed by the installation of a drainage membrane which is also sealed thereafter. The drainage membrane is important. It creates an air gap between the basement wall and the surrounding earth. This ensures that the basement wall remains dry. It also protects the basement wall from hydrostatic pressure in the soil.

Common Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Manitowoc WI 54220 Systems

The goal of waterproofing the basement from the outside is to ensure that water does not reach the basement walls. This prevents water from wicking as well as mold from growing on basement wall exteriors.

  1. Polymer and tar-based products

These have been under development for the last 30 years or so. New products with low viscosity have been recently introduced. These can be sprayed onto the wall.

  1. Exterior drainage systems

This involves the use of a French drain. This keeps water away from the foundation and leads it to a discharge drain.

  1. Vinyl sheeting

This is a popular method of waterproofing that involves the use of vinyl sheets to cover the outside of the wall.

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