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Repairing your foundation early on can be one of the most effective ways of preventing long-term damage due to repeat water intrusion. What most people don’t realize is that very thin, hairline cracks are very common and can happen regardless of the age of your foundation.

You see, all cracks begin as hairline cracks. How quickly these hairline cracks become large cracks depends on a variety of factors, including soil type, exterior water pressure, and the integrity of the foundation itself. It is when these seemingly insignificant problems are left unattended that issues begin to develop.

It’s possible that you haven’t really noticed any water coming through per se, but you have had to scrape off a strange white powder every once in a while after it rains. This white powdery buildup is called, “efflorescence.” Efflorescence is a mineral deposit left behind by moisture as it evaporates. The bottom line here is that water is beginning to find its way into your foundation. This will only get worse over time if left unchecked. This could also lead to mold on your basement walls as water begins to enter your foundation more frequently.

Of course if you’re well past this point and have water and mold coming in from every direction, you may want to consider a more comprehensive approach. Most contractors offer a free inspection; for example, you may hire a company who specializes in basement waterproofing in Milwaukee, and will diagnose your issue free of charge.

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