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Leaky Basement? Don’t Get Scammed!

Do you have a leaky basement? You are probably in need of our foundation repair services. These services should be easy enough to find. However, there are several overzealous contractors who want to make a quick buck and are willing to stoop low to do it.

Common Scams

When you’re faced with a leaky basementyou’ll most likely be in a hurry to have it fixed. It may therefore be difficult to recognize a scam when faced with one. This is especially true if you know nothing about the foundations and leaks. It is therefore a good idea to get familiar with some of the most common scams.

If you hear any of the following statements from a contractor, be on high alert. You may be dealing with a scam artist.

  • “Your walls may fall if this problem is not attended to immediately”

This is a common tactic used to pressure people into using foundation repair services. A leaky basement will not result in your home’s walls falling. In the worst case scenario, your home’s foundation will settle and you’ll need foundation repair, which is more intensive and expensive. Don’t allow a contractor to pressure you into taking their services.

  • “This repair process or technology is exclusive to our company”

Contractors may try to get you to use their services by claiming that they are the only ones in the area who can perform a certain task or process. This simply isn’t true. Manufacturers may use contractors as dealers in an area. However, this doesn’t mean that the problem cannot be fixed using different technology or a different process. There is more than one way to fix a leaking basement. Don’t be fooled by these contractors.

  • “We have the best warranty”

Warranties are only as good as the companies that stand behind them. The contractor may have a tempting warranty, but may not deliver on quality. You may therefore end up spending much more time and money repairing a simple problem.

You can avoid these and other scams by:

  • Checking what other people have to say about the company. Read online reviews and ask the company for references.
  • Checking with the Better Business Bureau. Ensure that the company has good standing.
  • Comparing quotes from different companies. This ensures that you get a reasonable price for services.

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