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Sump pump maintenance can be a really effective way to keep your basement dry during heavy rainfall. Your sump pump is your last line of defense against a flooded basement during a storm, and you should treat it like the important piece of the puzzle that it is. Follow these simple sump pump maintenance tips to ensure a long lifespan and a dry basement for years to come.

  1. Sufficient electrical power. Check the tag on your submersible sump pump and make sure your home’s electrical system can accommodate the amount of power the pump will require to operate. A blown fuse is the quick way to get a wet basement.
  2. Clear sump basin of debris. The basement is a busy place. Between laundry sheets, dirty socks, and kids toys, there’s a lot of stuff that can damage your sump pump if it falls into the sump basin. Make sure the basin is clear of debris, and a protective lid is installed.
  3. Fasten cords to discharge pipe. Your pump’s float switch is what moves up and down with the water level within your basin, and engages/disengages the pump. It’s very easy for cords to get tangled up on your float switch, so take some zip ties or electrical tape and fasten the cords to the discharge line, safely away from the float switch.

Additionally, we recommend water testing your pump periodically by pouring water directly into the sump basin. This will ensure your pump is operating at full capacity. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be able to kick your feet up during the next rain storm, knowing that your basement is safe and sound!

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