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Indoor air quality is a major concern for home and business owners. Poor air quality in West Allis WI 53214 can lead to long-term health issues and may cause building issues which include the growth of mold and increased decaying of the structure. A simple way to increase overall indoor air quality is by reducing humidity through the installation of a dehumidifier. By learning more about the 3 ways basement dehumidifiers can improve your air quality, deciding if one is right for your situation should be possible.

Monitor Indoor Humidity Levels

Indoor humidity can often spiral out of control if it is not appropriately monitored on a daily basis. According to houselogic, “An indoor humidity monitor will help you keep track of moisture levels that, ideally, fall between 35% and 50% relative humidity; in very humid climates, at the height of summer, you may have to live with readings closer to 55%. But if you reach 60% relative humidity, it’s time to look for the source of the added moisture; above 70% relative humidity, certain species of mold can begin growing.” Purchase a humidity monitor for each floor of your household, as humidity levels can vary depending on the elevation with respect to the ground.

Decide on the Type of Dehumidifier Necessary

There are individual unit dehumidifiers as well as dehumidifiers which are attached directly to your furnace. Deciding on which is necessary is possible through the use of a humidity sensor. In many instances it is only necessary to control the humidity in the basement area of the home, as this is where a large amount of moisture seeps in through the surrounding walls. However, in some instances a full house dehumidifier will be necessary to control humidity levels throughout the home.

Be sure to contact us at Everdry if you have any questions about the ways basement dehumidifiers can improve your air quality.

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