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Foundation Repair Cost in Waukesha WI

One of the greatest risks facing any homeowner today is foundation damage. According to the Concrete Network over 87% of homes over 10 years old face such problems. In fact, a report in Home Magazine says even those homes which don’t appear to have any weaknesses have latent foundation problems.

In essence, every homeowner should have their foundation checked by a professional contractor. This is where the problem arises because many people believe that the foundation repair cost will cost them an arm and leg.  If you are of this mindset consider the value of your precious investment and remember the foundation determines how stable your home is.

Well, it is hard to provide a blanket estimate but according to a survey published on Home Advisor, the average reported cost stands at $3,769. So what will determine the cost of your home’s foundation repair?

  1. Type of Foundation Damage

Some issues are simple to handle and will take only a few hours. Such projects include cracks that just require an epoxy injection by a contractor. However, other forms of damage require specialized attention. Basement waterproofing, for instance, requires specialized skills and a lot of manpower. The cost of these two projects differs significantly.

  1. Region

There are areas that are adversely affected by extreme weather. For instance, Southern Texas has been receiving intense rain leading to flood alarms. In such an area basement leakage and foundation, the damage is a serious problem and a homeowner looking for foundation repair will pay more than say one in drier Arizona.

  1. Repair Materials Used

A foundation problem such as bulging or bowing wall requires anchors, carbon fiber sheets, or slab jacking support. Such materials are costly and a contractor will also factor this in the quote you will get. Such specialized materials also require a lot of technical expertise which means you will have to work with a specialist and this will end up costing you more.

  1. Type of Soil

Most foundation problems emanate from soil moisture. The type of soil on the site will determine how easy excavation will be and a contractor will charge accordingly.  The type of soil also dictates the type of repair work to be carried out.

  1. Type of Foundation

This is one of the most crucial factors in estimating Concrete Network costs. In fact, when you call a contractor they will first ask what type of foundation your home stands on. Poured concrete foundations are the cheapest to repair. Homes with a basement require more waterproofing and this means more money.

Well, every foundation is unique and you should thus get a quote in order to compare the foundation repair cost.

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