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Carbon Fiber Facts

When you’re facing foundation repair, you’ll have various options thrown your way. There are many methods and solutions for basement repair that contractors can suggest. As you make your decision, it is important to ensure that you choose a solution for the long term.

One of the solutions you’ll come across is carbon fiber. Although steel beams have been used for many years in repairing foundations, carbon fiber is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re wondering why, you may want to consider the carbon fiber facts below.

  1. It is guaranteed to stabilize your foundation walls permanently against the lateral loads exerted on it.

Carbon fiber can seem weak by the looks of it. It is a light weight material. However, it is very strong. In fact, it is known to be much stronger than steel. Many manufacturers of carbon fiber solutions for foundation wall repair give lifetime guarantees for their products because of the strength of carbon fiber.

  1. You can install it to a finished basement without making a big mess

One of the greatest benefits of carbon fiber is that it is easy to install and conceal. The installation process does not require excavation like with steel beams. You can therefore install it in a finished basement without too much damage. You can also conceal it by painting over it. Steel beams aren’t as easy to conceal and often, are an eye sore once installed.

  1. They don’t take up much space

Carbon fiber can be installed to give support to the foundation walls without interfering with your current floor plan. The strips can be installed discreetly unlike steel beams that take up precious floor space. As such, carbon fiber makes the perfect solution for a small space.

  1. It is virtually maintenance-free

Are you worried about maintenance after the installation of carbon fiber? You don’t have to be. Carbon fiber doesn’t succumb to corrosion, mildew or weakening over time. The strips are virtually maintenance-free. You only need to ensure that they have been installed by a professional to ensure long-term benefits.

Although many DIY kits make the installation of carbon fiber seem easy, it is nothing but. It is important to ensure that a licensed professional carries out the installation. This ensures that any underlying issues are addressed and you can fully benefit from the installation of carbon fiber to reinforce your foundation walls. These carbon fiber facts ought to help you make an informed choice.

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