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Basement Wall Repair in Waukesha, WI

Why Is a Bulging Foundation Wall a Problem?

If you have a bulging foundation wall, it’s critical never to ignore it. When your basement foundation collapses, it can cause significant damage to your home. Everdry Waterproofing provides premier basement wall repairs to Waukesha, WI, and the surrounding areas. Bowing basement walls don’t happen overnight, and they don’t mean that every crack on a basement wall is a sign of imminent collapse. Since 1989, we’ve offered the area our patented, safe, and effective methods. We’re proud to be a leader in the development and research of waterproofingwater damage restoration, and foundation repairs.

What Causes a Bulging Foundation Wall? 

A bulging foundation wall occurs when the lateral inward forces from the soil and water outside the wall weaken and eventually buckle the foundation. When your foundation wall bulges, the basement wall is like a dam wall holding back the static pressure of the water and soil. Foundation walls made from unreinforced hollow concrete blocks are one example of weak construction that’s ill-equipped to handle this kind of pressure. Other factors, including clay soil and frost, can increase the strain on your walls.

Signs of a Serious Foundation Problem

Recognizing and appreciating the warning signs of severe foundation issues is critical. If you notice a long horizontal crack on your basement wall, it’s a sign of external soil and water pressure. The horizontal crack typically ends with two diagonal cracks going to the top and bottom corners of the wall, accompanied by an inward bulge. It’s essential to act fast when you notice bowing foundation walls. We advise against bowing basement wall repair DIY. Increasing external pressure and a collapsed foundation repair threaten your home’s structure and your safety. Let our experienced technicians evaluate your crawl space conditions and determine the best collapsed foundation repair for your needs.

Bowed Basement Wall Repair

If caught in time, basement foundation repair can be a simple job. If caught in later stages, you may need to leave your home while we repair the bulging walls. If you pay attention to warning signs, we can repair your bowed basement wall before it collapses. Our experienced technicians restore structural integrity and repair cosmetic issues with various repair techniques, including:

  • Carbon Fiber Sheets – Carbon fiber sheets reinforce the wall and help it to resist and redistribute outside pressure evenly.
  • Install Drainage – Proper outdoor drainage helps prevent water absorption into the soil next to the foundation and relieves the wall of pressure.
  • Wall Braces –Wall braces are an engineered steel option anchored in place and gradually adjusted to ensure the wall is aligned correctly.
  • Carbon Fiber Staples – Carbon fiber staples are often used with crack filling by injecting the filler material and cross-stitching with carbon fiber staples.
  • Helical Ties – We typically use helical ties for severely damaged walls combined with carbon fiber reinforcement to resist soil pressure and pull the walls into proper alignment.

Why Choose Everydry Waterproofing?

Everydry Waterproofing understands the significant threat of a bulging foundation. Our expert team will quickly identify and solve your foundation and basement wall issues. We’re committed to exceptional service and warranty of our repairs for the structure’s life. When you need superior basement wall repair services, reach out to our experts.

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