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Drainage Basin

When water regularly enters a basement or crawlspace, the best solutions involve more than merely sealing the area. Instead, attention is better off being focused on where the water is coming from and coming up with ways to keep water from getting to those basement walls to begin with. This is often done by installing an outdoor drainage basin that directs the water elsewhere.

Have a drainage basin installed to handle challenging draining conditions in Milwaukee, WI.

In many cases, exterior systems will involve one or more drainage basins. These collect water in areas where it can’t do any harm. Since they can only release water through the pipes that are attached to them, they are effective parts of the systems they work with. Typically, such basins are installed at low points on the land so that water will naturally flow toward them. They can also be installed in driveways or sidewalks to prevent flooding there and in the house. In these cases, the hard surface will either have channels cut into it or be built with a slope to direct the water to the basin.

Drainage basins are typically used when it’s not feasible to simply install pipes that open at a distant location. This situation arises in a number of cases. One common scenario involves land that doesn’t have many suitable low points for water accumulation. Installing buried basins provides those low points so that water can be collected. Then, the water is directed to a better area for final drainage. If necessary, a sump pump is put into each basin to move the water to a higher exit point.

This is just one of the drainage scenarios where catch basins are used. To learn more about these basins and how they can play a part in a customized drainage solution for your home and property, just contact us. We’ll be happy to explain everything and engineer the perfect solution for your basement moisture problems.

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