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Foundation Leaking in Racine WI

Although foundations are designed to be resilient, over time they do wear down. Just as people adopt wrinkles on their faces with age, similarly imperfections begin to appear in our foundations. If you have a concrete foundation, you are likely to come across cracks at some point.

Cracks in concrete foundations are a normal occurrence. Furthermore, cracks appear as concrete shrinks and expands in response to changes in humidity and temperature in the environment. It is important to understand the underlying cause of the cracks in your foundation in order to apply the right foundation leaking repair strategy.

Causes of cracks that lead to foundation leaking in Racine, WI.

Most Common Causes of Foundation Cracks Are Caused By:

1. Extremes in soil moisture levels

The soil surrounding your foundation plays a significant role in supporting your foundation. Soil expands when moisture is added to it and shrinks when moisture is removed. In times of drought, soil will shrink away from the foundation leaving a gap. In times of heavy rainfall, the soil will expand and push against the foundation exerting more pressure on it. Conclusively, these shifts are what cause cracks in the foundation.

2. Extreme heat

In hot seasons, the concrete foundation will expand when it is exposed to heat. Fortunately, when the sun has set and the night is cool, the concrete will contract back to its original position. However, in such environments where extreme heat is a normal occurrence, these changes can result in cracks in the foundation.

3. Faulty plumbing

Furthermore, it’s important to ensure that your pipes aren’t leaking. Leaking pipes can add moisture to the soil surrounding the foundation of your home causing it to expand and exert pressure on your foundation.

4. Earthquakes

When earthquakes occur, they shake the foundation of the home, causing cracks and foundation leaking. This especially occurs in foundations that are not well supported or stable. Over time, the foundation weakens as the earth around it is dismembered by the quake. Ultimately, the amount of damage to the foundation will depend on the magnitude of the earthquake.

5. Floods

Flooding can occur as a result of a storm, poor drainage or a leak. Furthermore, too much water results in high hydro static pressure in the soil surrounding your foundation. Consequently, hydro static pressure exerts force on the foundation leading to the formation of cracks.

Therefore, it is important to identify the cause of these cracks in your concrete foundation. This in turn will help you apply a long lasting foundation leaking solution. Contact us for a free inspection.

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