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Choosing a foundation repair contractor can be difficult. This is because there are several services to choose from. It is also because these are services that homeowners rarely interact with. In the interest of safeguarding their property and finances, it is important for homeowners to carry out their own due diligence.

One of the most important steps in the selection process involves evaluating proposals sent to you by the different contractors you’ve approached. The following tips will help you evaluate the proposals in an objective way.

Objective Evaluation of Contractor Proposals

When you contact a waterproofing contractor concerning foundation repair, they will send a representative to evaluate the situation for themselves. It is natural for you to assume that you are speaking to an expert when they do. However, this assumption isn’t always right. It is therefore important to have at least three contractors evaluate your foundation and present proposals for its repair. This will provide you with more choices and a great opportunity to objectively evaluate the proposals.

Basement leaks can originate from various sources. They can be caused by faulty plumbing, damaged or blocked gutters, cracks in the basement walls or floors or even through the basement window wells. When a waterproofing contractor visits your home, they try to establish the source of the leaks. This will guide them to determining which solution would be best for repairing the foundation.

It is important for the homeowner to check the proposal for what the contractor suggests is the source of the leak. They should justify their proposed solution based on what they suspect is causing the leak.

There are many contractors who suggest excavation as the basic foundation repair method. However, this is not the only method of waterproofing. It also may not be necessary in your situation. Just because a basement has water doesn’t mean that there is a leak. The leak may be the result of a plumbing issue or other such issues.

It is also important for the homeowner to take a close look at the pricing structure in the proposal. Homeowners should pay attention to the details listed. Ensure that there are no hidden charges and that the contractor provides a warranty for any system they intend to install. Read the terms of the warranty to determine what it covers.

It is important to insist on having free estimates. This will give you the opportunity to consult with different contractors before making a decision.

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