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Foundation problems can cause serious damage to your home if they are not repaired promptly. Water is the leading contributing factor to this damage. Foundation leaking in Waukesha WI should be dealt with immediately. Here are some clear signs that your foundation has a problem.

  • Hot spot – Hot areas on your floor when there is no clear cause for the warmth.
  • Cracks – The appearance of cracks in floors or walls. These cracks can be very small or quite large. While cracking can be caused by a number of things other than foundation problems, it should be evaluated swiftly.
  • Moisture – Moisture under the carpet. It can also appear as mildew in carpet or on the floors.
  • Odor – The smell of mildew, mold or rotting wood could be an indication of a water leak. If the smell is coming from the floor, there is a chance the leak coming from the foundation.
  • Water bill – An unusually high water bill is an indication of a water leak. The plumbing underneath your slab could be the busted or leaking.
  • Doors – Doors sticking, not opening and closing properly. This is a sign of foundation movement or damage.
  • Buckling floors – Any major floor damage or unusual areas with buckling.
  • Water sounds – The sound of running water when there is no water being used.

Unrepaired foundation leaks lead to devastating damage. It is crucial that you contact a professional if you suspect a foundation problem. Early recognition and correction is key. There are also preventative measures you should discuss with an expert to avoid future issues.

Contact us for more information and assistance on foundation repair and leak prevention.

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