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5 Fixes to Your Wet Basement Wisconsin

While every wet basement case is a little different, there are some common fixes to the most common wet basement problems.

Check Outside

If you have a wet basement always look to the outside first. Check the downspouts and regrade the backfill to slope away from the house. Make sure water is not building up along the foundation. Sometimes a basement leak can be prevented by simply regarding and adjusting downspouts to filter runoff away from the foundation.

Cover Window Wells

If the leak happens to be by the window, one fix is to cover the window well. Most likely water is getting trapped in the window well and if there isn’t the right drainage it can cause a water problem. Make sure there are no cracks or gaps around the window itself or in the window buck. If you are adding bedrooms or livable space to your basement in the future, consider adding an egress window now. Adding new larger windows can be a great time to reseal the window and add fresh drainage stone to the window well.

Dry the Air

Sometimes a wet basement is more a moisture problem than it is a leak. High humidity levels in the basement can be all the water mold needs to flourish in a damp basement. Adding a dehumidifier to the basement is a good idea to maintain a good relative humidity level. The ideal environment for the basement is 50% relative humidity. Higher or lower than 50% can cause problems on both ends.

Fill Cracks and Gaps

Concrete cracks are inevitable. Most concrete cracks are not structural but will let in water. Make sure to fill concrete cracks with a waterproofing urethane to stop the leak. There are a variety of products available. The best options fill the crack completely. Don’t just assume caulking the surface of the crack will fix it. A concrete cracks needs to be penetrated completely to stop the leak.

Call a Professional Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Some wet basements can’t be fixed with simple tricks and a professional basement waterproofing contractor needs to get involved. Perpetual leaks and water damage can result in serious structural damage to the house and foundation as well as health problems for the occupants. If your basement is consistently wet and you have tried all of the above it may be time to make the call.
Most professional basement waterproofing contractors install either an exterior or interior waterproofing system. For an exterior system, they excavate the foundation, install a membrane or sheeting on the exterior foundation wall, add exterior French drains and backfill. For interior systems, they commonly install a sump pump and interior drainage system around the perimeter of the basement walls.

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