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The foundation of a home is built first because it supports the weight of everything else. Maintaining the integrity of the foundation is a crucial part of maintaining the whole home. If your home has foundation damage, there are products you can buy and “do it yourself repair” videos you can watch if you’re absolutely determined to repair it yourself, but it’s a much better idea to hire someone with experience. Here are a few reasons to avoid DIY foundation repair.

Foundation Repair Is Complicated

Two separate foundation cracks that look the same can be caused by two very different issues, and require different repairs. Here are a few factors that a professional foundation repair contractor will consider in a diagnosis:

  • Recent weather events
  • The condition of the soil around your home
  • How long the problem has existed
  • Whether your home has a foundation slab, a crawlspace, or a basement

Special Equipment Is Often Needed

Some foundation repair supplies, like sealant and caulk, can be found at your local hardware store and don’t cost too much. But foundation repair often involves expensive tools and specialty materials that aren’t on the shelves of your Home Depot. Foundation repair companies have made investments to have all the tools required for the job, and they have special suppliers for foundation repair materials. They also know these brands inside and out — which to avoid, and which ones are worth a higher cost.

Bad Repairs Are Expensive

Many opt to do repairs themselves to save money. But if certain jobs aren’t professionally done, if one step is skipped or the wrong material is used, a small problem can actually get bigger. And your time, expense, and work will have gone to waste.

Professionals Give a Warranty

Since experienced foundation repair contractors are confident in their work, they give you a guarantee in the form of a written warranty. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that if anything goes wrong, it will be fixed. Usually, this can be transferable, so it will give assurance to potential buyers.

A Professional Eye

When doing a foundation repair, an experienced professional may notice other signs of trouble. They can see quickly whether a small crack is a normal wear and tear or an indication of a serious problem. They’ll know whether they can fix it with a bit of sealant or if more work is necessary. An inexperienced person may miss it entirely, allowing the problem to get worse, or your house to fail inspection before a sale.

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