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Crawl Space Moisture in Your Home

A 2012 study by the Home Energy Magazine shows that over 94% of homeowners do not know anything about their property’s crawl space. This might seem understandable considering that this space is out of sight and you rarely, if ever, require using it.

Risks of Crawl Space Wetness

However, the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) on its website highlights the risk posed by crawl space moisture.
According to these experts, over 89% of new homes suffer this problem and recommend home owners to be proactive in dealing with this menace. Some of the risks highlighted include:

  1. Radon gas: This toxic gas is found in the soil and can leak into this space if no waterproofing is provided. Considering the EPA says you breathe over 40% of the indoor air from the crawl space, it is important to protect your family eliminating this gas in these spaces.
  2. Mold and Fungus: These are also toxins which grow on wet surfaces. These allergens will eventually blow into the house and cause respiratory complications especially if you have kids.
  3. Structural problems: Water in the basement leads to rotting of wooden beams supporting the house. This compromises your home’s strength, and if not checked, it can lead to bowing, cracks, bulging and eventual collapse.
  4. Rodents: Pest infestation is common in abandoned spaces and your crawlspace is the ideal living space. Crawl space moisture attracts vermin which is every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

In essence, you need solutions from a professional in order to enjoy improved indoor air quality (IAQ) while at the same time avoiding structural problems. Your home’s value will also not be affected if there are no moisture problems below the floor.

Dealing With Wet Crawl Spaces

The first step in remedying this problem is contracting a foundations expert in the city. These experts have the right skills and equipment to diagnose and identify the source of moisture. They will also have the technical expertise to implement the best solution.

Some of the most effective solutions include improved landscaping to drive water away from the walls, installing vapor barriers on the floor and the foundation walls, using waterproof insulation materials and covering vents to the exterior to avoid condensation in these spaces.

A contractor can also use an internal drainage system where ground water will be diverted into a perimeter French tile and then pumped out using a sump pump. Well, now you have an idea why you must deal with crawl space moisture.

Remember this is just the first step; call a contractor and start dealing with the problem now.

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