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Basement Waterproofing in Wisconsin

One of the most demanding tasks that homeowners face is dealing with a wet basement. Indeed, the Basement Health Association (BHA) says over 64% of property owners’ neglect this space altogether when it becomes uninhabitable.

With the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) indicating 86% of homes over 10 years’ experience this problem, it is important to have a professional solve the problem once and for all. Well, if you haven’t been down there of late, it is time to understand reasons to get basement waterproofing. Here you go:

1. Your Family’s Health

The EPA says that over 60% of the air you breathe indoors comes from this space below. It might not look like a worrying situation until you consider that moisture in the basement leads to the growth of toxic black mold. When these spores blow inside the house, they cause myriad respiratory complications, asthmatic attacks, and allergies, among other issues.

2. Increase Your Home’s Structural Integrity

The National Concrete Masonry Association (NMCA) says that over 89% of foundation problems emanate from water leaking through the basement walls. This compromises the integrity of your property’s strength and, with time, you will be forced to pay through the nose in order to correct this foundation weakness.

3. Protect the Value of Your Home

A study published in the Home Magazine says that a home’s value drops by over 36% due to water leakage in the basement. Every buyer wants to have a look at the basement before anything else and you can thus increase your property’s value through waterproofing.

4. Leverage Extra Space

If you waterproof this room, you will have extra space which can be used as a game room, storage area, kids’ playing space or even a study area. With the increasing cost of real estate, you can even convert this into your home office; the uses are just limitless.

5. Energy Savings

When your basement is wet, the entire house will also be affected because this humid air will make it damp. Your HVAC system will thus be forced to work overtime in order to warm this moisture-laden air which will increase your energy bill.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that during winter the ground is saturated thus pushing even more moisture into the basement. By waterproofing, you will enjoy a warmer house and save on heating.

Looking at these reasons to get basement waterproofing, it is obvious that this is a home improvement activity that you cannot ignore anymore. It is time to call up a licensed contractor to make this space more habitable. You will not only save but also enjoy better health as a family.

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