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As a homeowner, you’ll hear a lot of suggestions about what you should do to protect your home. Install an attic fan to cool your home better! Weather strip your doors and windows to increase energy efficiency!

We’re here to put in a “plug” for basement sealing in Oshkosh WI 54901 and why we believe it’s one of the more crucial projects you can undertake to protect your home. Here are two reasons why we believe sealing your basement is a top priority:

– It helps protect against moisture. Water giveth, and water taketh away. It’s important to control water and keep it in its place – outside of your basement. Water can work its dark magic on your home in a number of ways: it can warp, rot, and encourage mold growth on your wood framing; it can soak drywall and cause rot; standing water can attract mosquitoes; and it can rust any metal framing you have installed. The best weapon you have against the spread of moisture in your basement is to seal it, thus ensuring your home stays dry and protecting your important structural elements.

– It helps protect against vermin. Basements are notorious for attracting all types of critters: mice, rats, and insects, all types of life that are wonderful in nature but best kept outside the walls of your home. Sealing your basement can help keep it from becoming the neighborhood zoo and protect your family and pets from dangerous critters.

Contact us today to help protect your basement against the twin threats of moisture and pests and keep your home a comfortable sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

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